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Exchange Policy 換貨細則

1. 在本網店直接購買的貨品,如需更換貨品, 請把有效的單據、要更換的貨品照片和原因,以 “換貨要求” 為題,送出查詢電郵至。 

2. 除貨品本身質量的問題外,本公司不接受以下退貨原因,包括:人為損壞、錯誤使用、濫用、疏忽、過度蝕損或生銹、擅自修理或改裝、使用損耗、意外、天災及其他非本公司能控制的原因所引致之損壞及損失。

3. 客人須保留01LIV的貨品標籤及所有包裝,在貨品完整及未經使用的情況下可提出換貨要求。而每張訂單只可以換貨一次。 如有需要,請在購買後30天內,提出換貨要求。我們現不設退款服務。 換貨時,如更換之貨品價格高於原貨品,客人需補回差價;如更換之貨品價格低於原貨品,剩餘金額將不獲退回。 



4. 本公司擁有貨品退換的最終決定權。


1. If you have purchased or received a product directly from this Website and would like to exchange it, please send us an inquiry email to with the subject - “Product Exchange Request” and attach an effective receipt, pictures of the product(s) and exchange reason. 

2. Products can be exchanged if there is a quality problem but not include any damage or loss caused by man-made, misuse, abuse, neglect, excessive erosion or rust, unauthorized repair or modification, wear and tear, accidents, natural disasters, or other events beyond Company’s control. 

3. Exchanged items must be in perfect and unused condition, however, this regulation can be only applied once per order. Exchange request must be submitted within 30 days after purchase if necessary. Refund policy is not available here. Customers should settle the price differences if customer exchange a product with higher price. No refunded is applicable if customers exchange a product with lower price. 

We will contact you directly via email when your request is well received. Please follow the email instruction and send us the exchanged items after the exchange request is accepted and confirmed. 

The new exchanged items will be sent in 7 business days after our headquarter’s approval. 

4. All return requests are subject to the final decision of the Company. 

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