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Delivery Guideline 貨運安排

1. 一般情況下,當貨款確認收妥,我們會於下一個工作天開始處理訂單及安排送貨。 

2. 我們使用順豐速運(香港)、韻達速遞(中國內地)及香港郵政易網遞(香港以外國家)作送貨服務。 

3. 送遞時間因應不同地區/國家而有所不同。請以以下資料作為參考。 

* 若送貨地址為香港範圍內的工商地址 / 順豐門市站,則運費全免。請於送貨地址上輸入順豐門市編號及門市地址,詳細地址請參閱順豐速運網站 (詳細地址)


4. 如已寄出貨品需更改收貨地址或要求需退回至原寄地,除涉及額外送貨時間外(所需工作天數視乎地區而定),本公司將保留向客人收取額外送貨費用的權利。 

5. 不在列表的地區,請發電郵至,我們的銷售團隊會幫您安排。


1. Generally, we will process your order and arrange delivery on the next business day once the payment is well verified.

2. Our delivery service providers are: S.F. Express (Local), Yunda Express (Mainland China) and Hong Kong Post e-Express (other countries).

3. The delivery time may vary due to location(s). Please take the below chart as a reference.

* For Hong Kong customers, if order is delivered to industrial/commercial location(s) or S.F. service points, no freight is needed. Please state the S.F. store code and store address clearly when ordering. SF store address details
For delivery to non-industrial/non-commercial locations or remote areas, an additional service charge of HK$30 will be charged. Please feel free to contact us if you need further information.

** Tracking number may not be provided for these destinations.

4. Additional business days (depends on the location(s)) may be required for the address correction service, and we will reserve the right to charge for the extra delivery charges.

5. For those areas that are not in the above list, please email us at: for further arrangement. 

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